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The Walking Dead is ……. Dead

The Walking Dead has always been my kind of TV.  Apocalyptic, zombies, survival, end of days kind of stuff.  Having watched from the very beginning, laboured through those farm episodes and put up with Negan as long as I could,… Continue Reading →

Building a Prepper Library: Knowledge When it’s Needed

You may have noticed my recent posts about building my prepper library.  I have been meaning to write about why I feel it’s so important to have such a library, in both physical and digital formats wherever possible. In the… Continue Reading →

Prepping UK : The Go-Bag (aka Grab-Bag or Hotel Bag)

In the latest in my Prepping UK series, I am discussing the concept of the go-bag. You will also see this referred as a grab-bag or a hotel bag.   You may need to leave….. Whilst here in the UK,… Continue Reading →

Cody Lundin – 98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive

I have recently finished reading Cody Lundin’s survival guide “98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive” having bought it in one of my recent library additions. This is a strange review for me for two contradictory reasons: I… Continue Reading →

Home Information List: Prepping for Personal Loss

If you are prepping for anything, big or small, you should seriously consider what would happen if anything should happen to you or whoever is the keeper of all of the day-to-day but important information regarding your home and your… Continue Reading →

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival. Aristotle

The Enlan EL-01 Folding Knife & Adjusting it Using a Drill Chuck

I recently bought an Enlan EL-01 folding knife.  Its only a budget Chinese folding knife but the build quality, handling and specification are impressive for such a low price (£12.00 with free worldwide delivery from Gearbest).  It’s a big locking… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Prepping Book Additions – Jun 17

I am continuing to build my physical prepping library and will continue to post details as it develops.  This time, there are volumes on bushcraft, medicine, dentistry and whittling.  The whittling books aren’t exactly prepping but I wanted a way… Continue Reading →

Water Prepping: Make Sure You Have Enough of the Wet Stuff

`Water prepping is a key element of your prepping activities.  You need to make sure that you and your dependents have enough water on hand to see you through a predicted shortage for which you are prepping for.  As well… Continue Reading →

Using Mylar Bags For Long Term Food Storage

Food ranks highly in anyone’s prepping activities and while I have rotating food stocks, I wanted to look at some longer term storage for raw ingredients as a further backstop should the SHTF.  I decided to try some Mylar bags… Continue Reading →

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