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The Bug-Out-Bag or BOB is a self-contained 72 hour survival bag to enable you to ‘bug-out’ of your location to an alternative safe place.  Every BOB is different and individual to your requirements.  There are some basic requirements such as food and water but everything else depends on your location, climate and situation.  Posts and articles in this category will help you to see what other people have in their bug out bags and also what kind of bag to use for your BOB.

Wherever possible, I try to make the posts as relevant to UK prepping as possible, so you won’t find any information or recommendations about firearms and ammunition (unless it forms part of an otherwise very useful video for example) as it simply has no use for us here in the UK.

Handy Item: CK Magma Pouches With Carabiners

I spotted this (Amazon) set of three pouches from the tool storage range from CK Magma and ordered two sets.  They are very well made with excellent materials and stitching and the three sizes are very handy.  They all have… Continue Reading →

Handy Item: AAA to AA Battery Converters

I recently stocked up on some of these handy battery converters for using AAA batteries in place of AA batteries.  They will be great for torches, radios, etc when I only have AAA batteries to hand. I probably went overboard… Continue Reading →

Video: Maxpedition Fatty EDC Pouch

This Maxpedition "Fatty" pouch looks very useful and this video from KnifeTex shows a nice set of gear.  I'm very tempted to add one of these pouches to my equipment list as an EDC.   I also like t...

Handy Item: EDC/BOB/GHB Battery Storage

LED Fire Torches

UK source for small cases ideal for carrying batteries in EDC, BOB or GHB so they don't rattle or short out.

Sawyer Mini (SP128) Water Filter Demonstration

Straightforward demo of the Sawyer Mini water filtration device.   Having researched a number of water filtration systems from bulk filters to personal 'life-straws' the one that imp...

The Bug Out Bag – Essential Gear Groups

As soon as I started researching survival and prepping, I found lots of discussions and articles about building a bug out bag, designed for your specific requirements when the time comes to bug out of your home and head to… Continue Reading →

Bushcraft Essentials Survival Stoves Review

Great video comparing three models of bushcraft stoves. All of these bushcraft models pack flat into a very compact form and slip inside a small bag for storage.  You can either use kindling...

The Best GO-BAG in the UK

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