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These are the When The Fires Burn posts and articles about equipment useful to prepping.  Some of these are also linked to the various kit bags categories (EDC, BOB, GHB etc) but a lot of gear is either useful as part of every day preps as well as  being part of a carry, or it is only of use for prepping itself or in the event of bugging in.

These posts consist of links, information, videos or reviews of a wide variety of equipment and covering all categories of prepping including, food, water, shelter, cooking, bushcraft, tools and so on.

Prepping UK : The Go-Bag (aka Grab-Bag or Hotel Bag)

In the latest in my Prepping UK series, I am discussing the concept of the go-bag. You will also see this referred as a grab-bag or a hotel bag.   You may need to leave….. Whilst here in the UK,… Continue Reading →

The Enlan EL-01 Folding Knife & Adjusting it Using a Drill Chuck

I recently bought an Enlan EL-01 folding knife.  Its only a budget Chinese folding knife but the build quality, handling and specification are impressive for such a low price (£12.00 with free worldwide delivery from Gearbest).  It’s a big locking… Continue Reading →

Car Kits: Addition of Hazard Beacons & Tie Down Anchors

My car kits are pretty basic and only contain some essential equipment.  For example, I have already posted about the small car kit in my wife’s car in an older post. I came across a couple of handy additions to… Continue Reading →

My EDC (v2)

The first attempt at my EDC kit was developed when I first started prepping and I was developing a feel for the equipment I wanted to hand on a daily basis as an every day carry.  It worked to a… Continue Reading →

Handy EDC Item: Nitecore Tube USB Rechargable Torch

I have been looking for a small keyring torch to go on my car/house keys.  I’ve tried the cheap and cheerful ‘squeeze’ type ones powered by a small coin battery but they are only usable to a very limited brightness… Continue Reading →

Small Car Preps Kit

I wanted to put a basic preps kit in my wife’s car, which being only small (a Citroen DS3) doesn’t have a great usable boot space to begin with without leaving a holdall or rucksack in there permanently.  That combined… Continue Reading →

Handy Item: CK Magma Pouches With Carabiners

I spotted this (Amazon) set of three pouches from the tool storage range from CK Magma and ordered two sets.  They are very well made with excellent materials and stitching and the three sizes are very handy.  They all have… Continue Reading →

Prepped Computer

As part of my overall prepping, I have been debating keeping a prepped and ready tablet or laptop for use in any number of situations, mainly bug-in but possibly for bug-out as well. My checklist of ideal specifications was: Portable… Continue Reading →

Handy Item: AAA to AA Battery Converters

I recently stocked up on some of these handy battery converters for using AAA batteries in place of AA batteries.  They will be great for torches, radios, etc when I only have AAA batteries to hand. I probably went overboard… Continue Reading →

Survival Kit Using A Condor VA7 Pack Insert

A good survival kit layout using a condor VA7 pack insert. There's quite a bit of equipment in the kit and the condor VA7, which I hadn't heard of before, has a well laid out interior.

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