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Fire: An essential knowledge to any prepper.  Here you will find articles, posts, reviews, links and videos covering finding or storing fuel, starting a fire, keeping it going or cooking over it. The skills, techniques and equipment required will be discussed under this category.

Every prepper should know as many ways to start a fire as possible and any bug-out-bag should contain at least three methods.  For survival in SHTF scenario, it will be a basic and fundamental requirement and being able to get one burning quickly and safely will be of paramount importance. That old classic method everyone thinks about from television, film, cartoons and the media of rubbing two sticks together might work, eventually and if you are lucky, but you’ll be wanting quicker and more reliable methods at your disposal!  Learn as many as you can and choose multiple methods for your prepping supplies, whether at home or in your bug-out-bag or get-home-bag.

Natural Firelighting – Flint, Steel, Twine & Birch Bark

An interesting video by funkyprepper on Youtube about natural firelighting tools and skills.

How to Make 5 Emergency Candles

A quick video showing how to make 5 emergency candles out of household items (cheese wax, butter candle, tuna can oil burner, wax crayon, orange and olive oil burner).

DIY Survival Fire Starter Log

A thread on UK Preppers led me to this great video from CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube. I've seen some of his other ...

Wood Stock: Building A Wood Store

Whether you are prepping for short or long term issues, having a store of burnable wood is at the very least desirable, if not essential. It doesn’t even need to be just for SHTF situations. Every year, when spending an… Continue Reading →

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