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A major part of prepping, regardless of whether you are located in the UK, USA or any other country is the storage of an ample supply of food.  In this category you will find posts and articles related to what to store and how to store it.  Any methods of processing food (e.g. dehydrating) to make it more suitable for long-term storage will also be covered here.

Many prepping sources and websites state that you should have a minimum of three months food stored and some even propose a year’s worth.  Here in the UK where space both in the home and on the available land is more restricted, that may not be possible for many and will be completely impossible for some.  However, as with many things prepping related, some is better than none and the having the most you can find room for i the best you can do.

Using Mylar Bags For Long Term Food Storage

Food ranks highly in anyone’s prepping activities and while I have rotating food stocks, I wanted to look at some longer term storage for raw ingredients as a further backstop should the SHTF.  I decided to try some Mylar bags… Continue Reading →

Food Preps: Foods to Stockpile

In case of an emergency, you want to be prepared with a store of food to keep you and your dependents going through the duration be it a couple of days or much longer. Some prepping sites focus on foods… Continue Reading →

Prepping: Off-Grid Cooking

As part of any prepping store, we all need to have arrangements to cook food and boil water should the supplies of gas and/or electricity not be available. You ideally need a range of facilities to cover short term, long… Continue Reading →

The “4 Block” Rocket Stove

This is a great video showing how to make a rocket stove out of four two-hole concrete blocks.  The arrangement is straightforward and quite ingenious. A rocket stove uses kindling sticks to...

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