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The get-home-bag or GHB is a necessary prep if you are routinely away from home, at work for example.  As with all prepping bags and kits, it will be unique to you and your requirements and should contain the food, water, shelter, tools, clothing and equipment that you believe would be either essential or desirable in order for you to make your way home in a SHTF scenario.

As with most of the When The Fires Burn site, I try to make the information in this category UK-centric in that it is no good having a firearm and ammunition in your GHB or even a large fixed blade knife when it is clearly illegal to do so.  You will probably see some reference to weapons in some of the videos I have linked to but that is only as a wider view of the GHB principles and practice.

Small Car Preps Kit

I wanted to put a basic preps kit in my wife’s car, which being only small (a Citroen DS3) doesn’t have a great usable boot space to begin with without leaving a holdall or rucksack in there permanently.  That combined… Continue Reading →

Handy Item: AAA to AA Battery Converters

I recently stocked up on some of these handy battery converters for using AAA batteries in place of AA batteries.  They will be great for torches, radios, etc when I only have AAA batteries to hand. I probably went overboard… Continue Reading →

My Tech EDC

As part of the equipment I carry every day, I have an EDC pouch which I tend to keep physically with me or at least have it nearby and I have a Get home Bag (GHB) which stays in the… Continue Reading →

My GHB / EDC Fire Kit

Even though I am usually no more than 12 miles from home when working and when I am it is still only 40-50 miles, I still wanted a basic fire kit as part of my Get-Home-Bag and EDC.  It will… Continue Reading →

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