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Power from electricity has been the driving force of our technological evolution.  So much we take for granted is only possible because we can plug devices and technology into a simple wall socket and assume it will work.  From heat and light to communications and medical equipment, we are reliant on this power.  Should it be taken away, for any reason and for any length of time, our lives would suffer a significant fall in quality.

Should the power supply network fail for a short length of time, prepping will allow us to cope with the minimum of disruption with replacement sources of light and heat.  For longer periods of time, the means of supplying at least a minimal level of electricity, such as from solar panels or wind turbines will need to be part of your prepping. It requires both equipment and a  knowledge and understanding of electricity and how to use it effectively.

UK Winter Blackouts?

BBC News

According to this report, the spare electricity capacity in the UK network is expected to fall to a mere 1.2% this winter making blacko...

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