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A UK prepping site researching, discussing and planning for the world this may become when the lights go out, chaos reigns.... and the fires burn.



Reviews of all things prepping.  Books, DVDs, everyday carry (EDC) gear, tools, torches and so on.  I will mostly be posting my own reviews as and when I get something new and consider it worthy of more than a link via Twitter but if I see a decent web or video review I’ll post it here as well.  Any review will be of something I have paid for myself or otherwise legitimately obtained. I have no connection to any manufacturer or supplier (I’m not that important!) so you will only get my unbiased opinions, so comment away if you disagree or have had a different experience.

The Walking Dead is ……. Dead

The Walking Dead has always been my kind of TV.  Apocalyptic, zombies, survival, end of days kind of stuff.  Having watched from the very beginning, laboured through those farm episodes and put up with Negan as long as I could,… Continue Reading →

Cody Lundin – 98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive

I have recently finished reading Cody Lundin’s survival guide “98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive” having bought it in one of my recent library additions. This is a strange review for me for two contradictory reasons: I… Continue Reading →

Book Review: World War Z, Max Brooks

(contains plot spoilers) Having watched the film of World War Z ages ago and found it OK but not brilliant, I thought it was finally time to get round to reading the book by Max Brooks it was (loosely) based… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Afterlight

(contains plot spoilers) Set 10 years after ‘Last Light’, ‘Afterlight’ picks up the story of a group of survivors living on an off-shore gas platform. The UK is largely desolate and uninhabited with only small groups of aggressors apparently still… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Last Light

(contains plot spoilers) I will say from the outset that I was gripped by Last Light and found it hard to put down. There are some flaws in the story but as an apocalyptic warning shot it stands out as… Continue Reading →

Book Review: One Second After

It’s taken me a while to get around to writing a review of “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen, It was the first post-apocalyptic book I picked up when I first became interested in prepping and our future world… Continue Reading →

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