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A UK prepping site researching, discussing and planning for the world this may become when the lights go out, chaos reigns.... and the fires burn.



Prepping is all about survival at the end of the day, but this category is here more for the specific subject of survival, either in a suburban environment or a rural or wild environment.  Obviously with this site’s slant towards UK prepping, the enviroments that will be discussed are less hostile than some on other prepping sites. That given though, there are hostile conditions to be expected in some of the UK such as some of the Scottish regions.

Articles will cover subjects including shelter, hunting and self-defence.  There will also be cross-over into the other catageries of bushcraft and equipment etc.

Building a Prepper Library: Knowledge When it’s Needed

You may have noticed my recent posts about building my prepper library.  I have been meaning to write about why I feel it’s so important to have such a library, in both physical and digital formats wherever possible. In the… Continue Reading →

Cody Lundin – 98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive

I have recently finished reading Cody Lundin’s survival guide “98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive” having bought it in one of my recent library additions. This is a strange review for me for two contradictory reasons: I… Continue Reading →

Natural Firelighting – Flint, Steel, Twine & Birch Bark

An interesting video by funkyprepper on Youtube about natural firelighting tools and skills.

Prepping UK: The Perils of Choosing the Wrong Bug-Out Location

A recent thread on the UK Preppers forum highlighted the perils of choosing a poor location for your bug out location (BOL). This a particular issue here in the UK when compared to the USA as I mentioned in my… Continue Reading →

Information Prepping: Know Your Local Area

Information Prepping is just as important as equipment and supplies prepping. An important part of this information is that in a SHTF situation, whether you are bugging in or bugging out, it is vital that you know your local area. … Continue Reading →

DIY Survival Fire Starter Log

A thread on UK Preppers led me to this great video from CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube. I've seen some of his other ...

Wood Stock: Building A Wood Store

Whether you are prepping for short or long term issues, having a store of burnable wood is at the very least desirable, if not essential. It doesn’t even need to be just for SHTF situations. Every year, when spending an… Continue Reading →

Food Preps: Foods to Stockpile

In case of an emergency, you want to be prepared with a store of food to keep you and your dependents going through the duration be it a couple of days or much longer. Some prepping sites focus on foods… Continue Reading →

Handy EDC Item: Sewing Kit

As part of my EDC kit I was looking for a basic and compact sewing kit for those times when a button needs fixing back on or a minor repair is needed.  After doing some searches I found this Micro/Mini… Continue Reading →

Solar Envy

The number of houses with solar panels fitted is increasing to the point where they are a common sight along many streets. In our current situation, they can offer free power and/or reduced electricity bills. I was wondering what effect… Continue Reading →

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