When The Fires Burn

A UK prepping site researching, discussing and planning for the world this may become when the lights go out, chaos reigns.... and the fires burn.



What threats are we prepping for? There are the localised concerns such as power blackout, interruption of water supplies or even a loss of employment.  There are also the larger, national or even global pressures to our way of life such as economic collapse, climate change, war or social unrest.

These articles discuss the different threats we as indivduals or the whole of humanity may face.  The ebb and flow of global events make some of these more significant than others and at different times but prepping requires that you keep awareness of what might threaten you and those close to you and to prep accordingly.

China: World Economy Point of Failure?

Does the huge growth in the Chinese economy in recent years and the West’s still growing reliance on trade with China pose a risk to the global economy? Does globalisation have a huge weak link? With the world economies so… Continue Reading →

Small Tremor or Big Bang

In your prepping activities, are you prepping for smaller but negative changes in your world or one big bang that changes everything forever? What I mean by that is that there are smaller issues we might come up against where… Continue Reading →

What are the scenarios?

When considering how the world may be suddenly and profoundly changed, we need to look at the scenarios of what catastrophic events could be potential causes. When looking at any prepping site, we usually have a list something like this:… Continue Reading →

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