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A UK prepping site researching, discussing and planning for the world this may become when the lights go out, chaos reigns.... and the fires burn.



Prepping information about vehicles, from car bags, through first aid kits to bug out vehicles.  The bug-out vehicle is less relevant here in the UK as we struggle to get anywhere by road on a normal day so in a SHTF scenario gridlock would be guaranteed.  However, we don’t just prep for the big disasters, so consideration should be given to get-home-bags (GHBs) or any equipment which may come in useful whilst we are out in our vehicles day-to-day.  You may come across an accident or be involved in one yourself.  You may become stranded in bad weather or simply break down.

Car Kits: Addition of Hazard Beacons & Tie Down Anchors

My car kits are pretty basic and only contain some essential equipment.  For example, I have already posted about the small car kit in my wife’s car in an older post. I came across a couple of handy additions to… Continue Reading →

Small Car Preps Kit

I wanted to put a basic preps kit in my wife’s car, which being only small (a Citroen DS3) doesn’t have a great usable boot space to begin with without leaving a holdall or rucksack in there permanently.  That combined… Continue Reading →

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