Even though I am usually no more than 12 miles from home when working and when I am it is still only 40-50 miles, I still wanted a basic fire kit as part of my Get-Home-Bag and EDC.  It will sit in my GHB in the boot of the car and it is only a fallback in the event I might need to get a fire started in SHTF situation. It didn’t need to be able to supply multiple methods to start a fire so I though I would keep it as simple as possible.

By chance I found a seller on ebay selling some handy flip-top waterproof clear storage boxes which looked ideal so I bought the last 5 he had (I haven’t seen them anywhere else but they are bound to be out there somewhere). I’m sure the rest will come in useful in other areas of my GHB or prepping supplies.

Into the box I put a BIC lighter as well as a cheap Survival Magnesium Flint Stone Fire Starter Lighter Kit as a backup along with 6 petroleum jelly coated cotton balls in a sealed poly bag.  The kit weighs just 100g all-in and sits neatly in a pocket in my GHB.