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A UK prepping site researching, discussing and planning for the world this may become when the lights go out, chaos reigns.... and the fires burn.

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Butt What About Water? Your Renewable Water Resource

I am planning a more general post about water preps shortly but as this project was just completed, I thought I’d post about it now…… I was recently looking to add a water butt to my garden but then I… Continue Reading →

Natural Firelighting – Flint, Steel, Twine & Birch Bark

An interesting video by funkyprepper on Youtube about natural firelighting tools and skills.

Prepping UK: The Perils of Choosing the Wrong Bug-Out Location

A recent thread on the UK Preppers forum highlighted the perils of choosing a poor location for your bug out location (BOL). This a particular issue here in the UK when compared to the USA as I mentioned in my… Continue Reading →

Car Kits: Addition of Hazard Beacons & Tie Down Anchors

My car kits are pretty basic and only contain some essential equipment.  For example, I have already posted about the small car kit in my wife’s car in an older post. I came across a couple of handy additions to… Continue Reading →

And when times are bad, when darkness comes, people always go back to fire. Fire never goes out of style. In time of war, in time of fear, fire is what unites us, huddled together around the glow of something warm and dangerous.
The Gospel of Loki, Joanne M. Harris

I've just finished reading The Gospel of Loki and this passage struck a chord with me as it relates to part of how I came up with the name of 'When The Fires Burn' for the Blog.

My EDC (v2)

The first attempt at my EDC kit was developed when I first started prepping and I was developing a feel for the equipment I wanted to hand on a daily basis as an every day carry.  It worked to a… Continue Reading →

How Does UK Prepping Compare to Prepping in the USA?

When people think of prepping, they automatically think of the USA. This is because there has long been a culture of prepping there, more so in some states than others. It has been the subject of most of the media… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Prepping Book Additions – Feb 17

It was only last month that i added a batch of books to my library and I have hardly got to them yet. Despite this, I have been taking advantage of a few bargains as well as picking up books… Continue Reading →

The more we exploit nature, the more our options are reduced, until we have only one: to fight for survival. Morris K. Udall

When The Fires Burn: Site Navigation Tweaks

  Growth is good, but…… As the When the Fires Burn blog has grown and more material has been posted, the standard front page has become less versatile.  The ‘older’ and ‘newer’ navigation links at the bottom of each page… Continue Reading →

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