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Building the Library: New Prepping Book Additions – Jun 17

I am continuing to build my physical prepping library and will continue to post details as it develops.  This time, there are volumes on bushcraft, medicine, dentistry and whittling.  The whittling books aren’t exactly prepping but I wanted a way… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Prepping Book Additions – Feb 17

It was only last month that i added a batch of books to my library and I have hardly got to them yet. Despite this, I have been taking advantage of a few bargains as well as picking up books… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Book Additions

I have just received the the order latest additions to my prepping and survival library. I am keeping a virtual library of books, guides and PDFs online for reference and reading material but also like to read and keep physical… Continue Reading →

Source: SHTF Library

Urban Survival

As part of my prepping, I am building a SHTF library of PDFs.  One of the best collections I have found is over at Urban Survival ...

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