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Natural Firelighting – Flint, Steel, Twine & Birch Bark

An interesting video by funkyprepper on Youtube about natural firelighting tools and skills.

And when times are bad, when darkness comes, people always go back to fire. Fire never goes out of style. In time of war, in time of fear, fire is what unites us, huddled together around the glow of something warm and dangerous.
The Gospel of Loki, Joanne M. Harris

I've just finished reading The Gospel of Loki and this passage struck a chord with me as it relates to part of how I came up with the name of 'When The Fires Burn' for the Blog.

DIY Survival Fire Starter Log

A thread on UK Preppers led me to this great video from CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube. I've seen some of his other ...

Wood Stock: Building A Wood Store

Whether you are prepping for short or long term issues, having a store of burnable wood is at the very least desirable, if not essential. It doesn’t even need to be just for SHTF situations. Every year, when spending an… Continue Reading →

Prepping: Off-Grid Cooking

As part of any prepping store, we all need to have arrangements to cook food and boil water should the supplies of gas and/or electricity not be available. You ideally need a range of facilities to cover short term, long… Continue Reading →

My GHB / EDC Fire Kit

Even though I am usually no more than 12 miles from home when working and when I am it is still only 40-50 miles, I still wanted a basic fire kit as part of my Get-Home-Bag and EDC.  It will… Continue Reading →

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