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Using Mylar Bags For Long Term Food Storage

Food ranks highly in anyone’s prepping activities and while I have rotating food stocks, I wanted to look at some longer term storage for raw ingredients as a further backstop should the SHTF.  I decided to try some Mylar bags… Continue Reading →

Food Preps: Foods to Stockpile

In case of an emergency, you want to be prepared with a store of food to keep you and your dependents going through the duration be it a couple of days or much longer. Some prepping sites focus on foods… Continue Reading →

Prepping: Off-Grid Cooking

As part of any prepping store, we all need to have arrangements to cook food and boil water should the supplies of gas and/or electricity not be available. You ideally need a range of facilities to cover short term, long… Continue Reading →

The “4 Block” Rocket Stove

This is a great video showing how to make a rocket stove out of four two-hole concrete blocks.  The arrangement is straightforward and quite ingenious. A rocket stove uses kindling sticks to...

Handy Item: Pump Bottles

Another handy item I’ve just acquired from Ebay is these nice little 50ml airless pump bottles.  I plan on using them initially for toiletry items like shampoo, shower gel and shaving gel.  They could come in useful as food liquid… Continue Reading →

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