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Small Car Preps Kit

I wanted to put a basic preps kit in my wife’s car, which being only small (a Citroen DS3) doesn’t have a great usable boot space to begin with without leaving a holdall or rucksack in there permanently.  That combined… Continue Reading →

My Tech EDC

As part of the equipment I carry every day, I have an EDC pouch which I tend to keep physically with me or at least have it nearby and I have a Get home Bag (GHB) which stays in the… Continue Reading →

My GHB / EDC Fire Kit

Even though I am usually no more than 12 miles from home when working and when I am it is still only 40-50 miles, I still wanted a basic fire kit as part of my Get-Home-Bag and EDC.  It will… Continue Reading →

Prepping Progress

At the moment, posts on When The Fires Burn are quick ones highlighting videos or handy items I have found while researching my prepping intentions. The will be more substantial posts coming soon as I get more focused on individual… Continue Reading →

Handy Item: EDC/BOB/GHB Battery Storage

LED Fire Torches

UK source for small cases ideal for carrying batteries in EDC, BOB or GHB so they don't rattle or short out.

URBAN/SUBURBAN Get Home Bag (Bail Out Bag)

A good Get Home Bag (GHB) video with a decent balance of supplies and equipment (subject to the usual US ammo requirement!)

My EDC/Car/GHB: Stage 1 – The Bag

I was looking at my options for an EDC bag as well as a get-home bag and it soon struck me that I am very rarely more than a mile from my car so apart from a very few essentials… Continue Reading →

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