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Handy Item: CK Magma Pouches With Carabiners

I spotted this (Amazon) set of three pouches from the tool storage range from CK Magma and ordered two sets.  They are very well made with excellent materials and stitching and the three sizes are very handy.  They all have… Continue Reading →

Handy Item: Pump Bottles

Another handy item I’ve just acquired from Ebay is these nice little 50ml airless pump bottles.  I plan on using them initially for toiletry items like shampoo, shower gel and shaving gel.  They could come in useful as food liquid… Continue Reading →

Handy EDC Item: Mini-Tins For Bushcraft or Small Item Storage

Another handy EDC item turned up when I came across these bushcraft tins on Ebay which might come in quite handy for use inside an EDC tin. They are well made and have a sliding lid which clicks nicely into… Continue Reading →

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