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Prepping UK : The Go-Bag (aka Grab-Bag or Hotel Bag)

In the latest in my Prepping UK series, I am discussing the concept of the go-bag. You will also see this referred as a grab-bag or a hotel bag.   You may need to leave….. Whilst here in the UK,… Continue Reading →

Cody Lundin – 98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive

I have recently finished reading Cody Lundin’s survival guide “98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive” having bought it in one of my recent library additions. This is a strange review for me for two contradictory reasons: I… Continue Reading →

Using Mylar Bags For Long Term Food Storage

Food ranks highly in anyone’s prepping activities and while I have rotating food stocks, I wanted to look at some longer term storage for raw ingredients as a further backstop should the SHTF.  I decided to try some Mylar bags… Continue Reading →

My EDC (v2)

The first attempt at my EDC kit was developed when I first started prepping and I was developing a feel for the equipment I wanted to hand on a daily basis as an every day carry.  It worked to a… Continue Reading →

How Does UK Prepping Compare to Prepping in the USA?

When people think of prepping, they automatically think of the USA. This is because there has long been a culture of prepping there, more so in some states than others. It has been the subject of most of the media… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Prepping Book Additions – Feb 17

It was only last month that i added a batch of books to my library and I have hardly got to them yet. Despite this, I have been taking advantage of a few bargains as well as picking up books… Continue Reading →

Information Prepping: Know Your Local Area

Information Prepping is just as important as equipment and supplies prepping. An important part of this information is that in a SHTF situation, whether you are bugging in or bugging out, it is vital that you know your local area. … Continue Reading →

Handy Prepping Item: Hozelock Porta Shower

A shower is something we all take for granted and I can see a number of scenarios where that luxury wouldn’t be available.  With that in mind, I’ve just added a Hozelock 4-in-1 PortaShower to my prepping gear.  It’s a… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Book Additions

I have just received the the order latest additions to my prepping and survival library. I am keeping a virtual library of books, guides and PDFs online for reference and reading material but also like to read and keep physical… Continue Reading →

How to Make 5 Emergency Candles

A quick video showing how to make 5 emergency candles out of household items (cheese wax, butter candle, tuna can oil burner, wax crayon, orange and olive oil burner).

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