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Prepping UK : The Go-Bag (aka Grab-Bag or Hotel Bag)

In the latest in my Prepping UK series, I am discussing the concept of the go-bag. You will also see this referred as a grab-bag or a hotel bag.   You may need to leave….. Whilst here in the UK,… Continue Reading →

Home Information List: Prepping for Personal Loss

If you are prepping for anything, big or small, you should seriously consider what would happen if anything should happen to you or whoever is the keeper of all of the day-to-day but important information regarding your home and your… Continue Reading →

Water Prepping: Make Sure You Have Enough of the Wet Stuff

`Water prepping is a key element of your prepping activities.  You need to make sure that you and your dependents have enough water on hand to see you through a predicted shortage for which you are prepping for.  As well… Continue Reading →

Butt What About Water? Your Renewable Water Resource

I am planning a more general post about water preps shortly but as this project was just completed, I thought I’d post about it now…… I was recently looking to add a water butt to my garden but then I… Continue Reading →

Natural Firelighting – Flint, Steel, Twine & Birch Bark

An interesting video by funkyprepper on Youtube about natural firelighting tools and skills.

Prepping UK: The Perils of Choosing the Wrong Bug-Out Location

A recent thread on the UK Preppers forum highlighted the perils of choosing a poor location for your bug out location (BOL). This a particular issue here in the UK when compared to the USA as I mentioned in my… Continue Reading →

Handy Prepping Item: Hozelock Porta Shower

A shower is something we all take for granted and I can see a number of scenarios where that luxury wouldn’t be available.  With that in mind, I’ve just added a Hozelock 4-in-1 PortaShower to my prepping gear.  It’s a… Continue Reading →

Building the Library: New Book Additions

I have just received the the order latest additions to my prepping and survival library. I am keeping a virtual library of books, guides and PDFs online for reference and reading material but also like to read and keep physical… Continue Reading →

How to Make 5 Emergency Candles

A quick video showing how to make 5 emergency candles out of household items (cheese wax, butter candle, tuna can oil burner, wax crayon, orange and olive oil burner).

Handy EDC Item: Nitecore Tube USB Rechargable Torch

I have been looking for a small keyring torch to go on my car/house keys.  I’ve tried the cheap and cheerful ‘squeeze’ type ones powered by a small coin battery but they are only usable to a very limited brightness… Continue Reading →

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