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Handy EDC Item: Sewing Kit

As part of my EDC kit I was looking for a basic and compact sewing kit for those times when a button needs fixing back on or a minor repair is needed.  After doing some searches I found this Micro/Mini… Continue Reading →

My EDC (v1)

When I started prepping, I hadn’t really thought of the concept of and ‘Every Day Carry’ or EDC pack.  We all have items and tools we use on a regular basis, maybe not even every day, and when we want… Continue Reading →

Handy EDC Item: Mini-Tins For Bushcraft or Small Item Storage

Another handy EDC item turned up when I came across these bushcraft tins on Ebay which might come in quite handy for use inside an EDC tin. They are well made and have a sliding lid which clicks nicely into… Continue Reading →

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