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Water Prepping: Make Sure You Have Enough of the Wet Stuff

`Water prepping is a key element of your prepping activities.  You need to make sure that you and your dependents have enough water on hand to see you through a predicted shortage for which you are prepping for.  As well… Continue Reading →

Butt What About Water? Your Renewable Water Resource

I am planning a more general post about water preps shortly but as this project was just completed, I thought I’d post about it now…… I was recently looking to add a water butt to my garden but then I… Continue Reading →

Prepping UK: The Perils of Choosing the Wrong Bug-Out Location

A recent thread on the UK Preppers forum highlighted the perils of choosing a poor location for your bug out location (BOL). This a particular issue here in the UK when compared to the USA as I mentioned in my… Continue Reading →

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