When The Fires Burn

A UK prepping site researching, discussing and planning for the world this may become when the lights go out, chaos reigns.... and the fires burn.



Time and Tide Wait For No Man

I have been experiencing an enforced lull in my prepping activities, on both the research and practical fronts.  Work pressure and planning a significant home development have both pushed my prepping to the back burner.  This is not something I… Continue Reading →

Site Issue — Fixed

It seems that there is a problem either with the WordPress install or the Baskerville theme I am using as it has suddenly stopped handling post formats correctly.  At the moment, video and quotes don’t show anything and I can’t… Continue Reading →

Prepping Progress

At the moment, posts on When The Fires Burn are quick ones highlighting videos or handy items I have found while researching my prepping intentions. The will be more substantial posts coming soon as I get more focused on individual… Continue Reading →

Why Now?

There is nothing in particular which spiked my current curiosity with all things survival and post-apocalyptic but there has been an amalgamation of stimuli which has caused a seemingly immediate and urgent desire to research and prepare myself. I love… Continue Reading →


Welcome to When The Fires Burn, dedicated to the end of the world. That’s the dramatic opening out of the way and while it’s got your attention, it’s not quite the truth. In fact this site is more like a… Continue Reading →

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