Welcome to When The Fires Burn, dedicated to the end of the world.

That’s the dramatic opening out of the way and while it’s got your attention, it’s not quite the truth. In fact this site is more like a collection of thoughts, ideas and maybe even some planning around what happens in the event THIS world ends. This warm, cosy world we take for granted where we have all our comforts. The technology that fills our lives, the health facilities which keep us fit and well, the environment we constantly toy with and the social and democratic structures which govern our lives and how we should treat our neighbouring human beings. All of this provides us with the power, food, water, security and safety we have all so lazily come to rely on.

Do I believe this will all end? No

 Do I accept it as a possibility? Yes

Do I hope to be prepared if it does? Yes………. Within reason!

So this is a prepping site? Yes, but it’s a UK prepping site, discussing prepping UK style.  In that respect it is a bit of a rarity as most prepping sites are US-centric.  You will find that prepping UK style is a quite a bit different!

There may be some merit in living your life as it is. Understanding that your world is unlikely to crash around you in your lifetime and, if it does, that it will most probably cause the sudden and premature end of said lifetime anyway. The downside is that should the former not lead to the latter, you will be completely adrift in the aftermath and reliant on the generosity of other more far-sighted individuals, who may have neither the resources nor compassion to help.

At the other end of the spectrum, there may also be merit in buying a disused nuclear bunker, stockpiling fuel, food, water and weapons and living off the grid. The problem is, there is a HUGE risk of missing the life you can have whilst we DO have this nice world and society to enjoy!

So, here we are in my middle ground, the “be prepared, but don’t overdo it” camp. The idea of discussing and learning about the possibilities of our world being changed so dramatically that humanity is put on the back foot again, justifying its survival in a new world. A world where fire once again becomes a primary force as its predecessor burns in the aftermath of its collapse and the warming fires of its survivors strike up across the globe.

When the fires burn……..

 (OK, I’m being dramatic again!)